A Jill of all trades, Bella Vie (aka Freya) takes interest in a wide range of topics. She has been doing photography since she was just a kid; a hobby which later became her career. As a fusion dancer Bella had the luxury of performing all over the East Coast. She fancies herself a bit of an adventurer and often finds herself out exploring with her loving support dog Twyla Starfrost.

She is a lover of nature and spends much of her time in forests.

Join Bella, Twyla, and her cat Sir Reginald von Bartlesbee III esq. on this journey of travel, exploration, health, beauty, art, and more as she takes you into the real life of a modern day struggling artist trying to find their place in the world.

Sybella's Logo 2.2
Logo art created by Dayni Mahar ( @daynistars on Instagram). This image’s copyrights belong to myself and to the original artist and is not to be used elsewhere without permission.