My Top 10 Instagram Pages

I am sure many other bloggers have done this sort of post, but when it comes to social media I have a particular love for Instagram. Maybe it’s because I’m a photographer, or maybe it’s because Instagram makes it easy for people who have never heard of me to see my work with just a simple hashtag. . .but I digress.

For this list, I had a few qualifications I wanted to keep in mind. First of all these are the top 10 Instagram feeds I look forward to the most. I check my feed everyday and I look forward to new posts from everyone on this list. Also, I wanted to stay away from people who have over 100k followers because at that point it is very likely that you have already heard of them. So as much as I love Juniper Foxx and Kato (Steamgirl and Stylerotica), they simply didn’t make the cut. I also tried to avoid shops. I follow a lot of shops and sellers that I like because I believe in supporting small businesses, but my taste in products might not be the same as yours. My final qualification was that they have to post somewhat frequently. I know I don’t always post as often as I should, but as I said, I check Instagram everyday and I like following people who keep my feed looking beautiful!

You will probably notice a theme here with these Instagrammers; they are mostly fantasy or historically driven pages. What can I say, I love this stuff!



Valkryia Ulvdottir is a Swedish photographer who’s work borders on the dark and mystical. Primarily, she seems to photograph nature and natural settings. Her self portraits are also mainly done in natural settings, keeping the theme of her page. Her photography invites you to take it all in as she often shows more of the land; making you feel like you are standing right there. While her photos have a bit of a somber tone, she’s not afraid to use colour and often posts photographs with pops of intense colour. From sunrise to sunset and from summer to winter, her page inspires with every post.



I think the name of this Instagram has probably already given you an idea of what you can expect. Based in Oslo, Norway this Instagram is run by the gorgeous Sól Geirsdóttir. The Viking Queen is also a blogger who centralizes her content around historical Norse details and craft work. Chances are, you have probably already seen her work and just didn’t know it. Her beautiful blonde locks have been featured on various social media websites showing off her skillful braids and flawless makeup. If you were looking for the reincarnation of Sif, Sól Geirsdottir is your best candidate.



Two words: Post Apocalyptic! Known only as Izzy, The Lazy Dweller might not have as many followers as some of the others mentioned on this list, but I think that will soon change! With just the right mixture of leather and chain mail with nature shots, The Lazy Dweller consistently puts out beautiful content. Let me just put it this way; if you like badass women you came to the right place. I think her photographs speak for themselves!




Let’s be honest here, Instagram is full of attractive female models to gawk at, but where are the badasses? You can find them on Fell And Fair. This isn’t just one man’s Instagram either; it features an array of different warriors kicking ass and taking names. Historically inspired, this Instagram contains images inspired by the Middle Ages, Robin Hood, and even the American Civil War. Archery, swords, axes, guns, shields, where can you go wrong?!



Costume designer Garvin is yet another lovely face which you might have already come across on other social media websites. She is known for her fairy-like appearance and fantasy inspired costumes. While she is based in the United States, she seems to travel far and wide attending conventions and collaborating with other designers and photographers. Even though her content is mainly historical or fantasy driven, she also engages in traditional cosplay. Most recently she cosplayed two characters from the latest Final Fantasy series. But it’s not just viking garb and elf ears, she also dons Victorian and Edwardian gowns stunning us all with her lovely red hair against cream coloured laces.



History student Kathryn invites you into her magical world on her Instagram page. Even when she’s in her casual, every day clothing she looks like a real life fairy that wondered out from the woods. From the images she posts on her Instagram it seems like Willow Whisp has brought true meaning to living history. With an eclectic mix of the old world and the new, she has created a unique world of her own design on her Instagram (a feat which I think most of us aspire to). Together with her partner @grandfatherhermit, she shows us all that history may be in the past but it is not forgotten.



Do you like fencing, swords and shields, tattoos, beards, and stunning photography? Good! Because NoordHravan is exactly what Instagram needs. Like The Lazy Dweller, he does not yet have as many followers as some of the others listed but he definitely is a force to behold. With a more subdued tone and a rough feeling to his work, he takes us away from the more traditional tone of photography. While many other photographers try to capture the true colour and bring out the light in their photographs, this Instagrammer is not afraid of the dark. Embracing the shadows and getting in close for details, his work is set apart from others. Maybe photography isn’t your thing? That’s okay, because NoordHravan also features traditional art with his hand drawn works. There’s a little bit of everything.



With a beautifully enchanting soft voice and fiery red hair, it’s impossible not to be charmed by Tathariel! She’s a self proclaimed Elvan warrior and I couldn’t agree more. If you like the colour green, this lass has got you covered! With earthy tones and an over all joyous feel this page will inspire your inner pagan roots. Of course, she also handcrafts many of her creations and even sells them on Etsy so if you’re looking for piece of Elvan magic you can always see her designs. And if a lovely, creative lady isn’t enough for you; she’s also the proud mother of two stunning Somali cats (also called long-haired Abyssinian). If you don’t know what a Somali cat looks like, head over to her Instagram and be prepared to have your heart-strings tugged!



This is another one of those Instagram where the name says a lot about the person. Juvelee Faeth is cute, mystical, and an over all joy to follow. Plus, I have to show some love for someone who loves the company Sock Dreams as much as I do! Her Instagram features nature photos, cute shops, knitted accents, and makeup and hair inspiration all done with that fairy touch. The best way I can describe her is as a quirky sprite. Between her elegant photos and selfies you get the occasional funny face and pranks mixed with a genuine love for her family and friends. Even when she’s just going about her normal day, she seems to take a little bit of the forest with her everywhere she goes.



Based in the Netherlands, this Instagram account covers many of my interests. While most of the Instagram pages on this list feature a light air about them, Reign Of The Forest touches on a darker side. With Gothic inspiration and moody colour tones Photographer Jennifer van Dijk will transport you into a dark fantasy world featuring bones, taxidermy, wool crafts, mystical locations, and all aspects of nature. Of course, it helps too that she, herself is stunning!


And there you have it folks! These are in no particular order. Now go show them some love!
(And if you’re not already following me on Instagram, you should be! @TheWaywardVixen)


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  1. olkakusiak says:

    I also like instagram now. I registered some time ago, but I didn’t like one thing – only square photos were available. I haven’t use it for few years, but I returned when I noticed, that they have changed it. I’m not a photographer, but I use Instagram to catch a moments. My photos aren’t very good, but I love them.


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