Budget Fitness: The Plan

As promised, this post is a look at my health and fitness plan. I have already put this plan into practice as of Monday and so far, I am happy with the path I have chosen.

I am still finding some flaws with my plan as well as discovering some exercises I simply cannot do and crossing them off my list as I go.

So without further rambling; here’s the plan.


First, I will be gradually reducing my intake of refined sugars. Sadly, soda pops are my weakness. When I initially left the hospital I managed to give up drinking soda for a year, but after a series of stress inducing life events I turned to this vice. Now, I want to go back to removing sodas and other sugary drinks from my diet. I want to drink only water, teas, milks, and fresh juices. Nothing prepackaged that contains high amounts of artificial ingredients and processed sugars.

Canned soup will also be removed from my diet along with other canned goods. The sodium level in these products is, frankly, unnecessary and unhealthy.

Each meal is limited to a specific type of foods.

Breakfast: fruits, proteins, some dairy, minimal grains
example foods: eggs, toast (2 slices max), smoothies and smoothie bowls with granola or oats, fruits, and cottage cheese.

Lunch: fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy
example foods: raw veggies and fruits, eggs, salads, apples with peanut butter and seeds, lettuce wraps, small onigiri, yogurt

Dinner: vegetables, protein, carbs
example foods: sweet potatoes, chicken with broccoli, stews, mahi-mahi, cauliflower mash, steak rolls with veggies, fish

My goal is to begin a weekly meal plan. We tend to shop for food for the entire month which leads to food going bad or being forgotten about. The lack of planning also means there are days when we forget to take food out of the freezer, so we end up ordering food instead of cooking.

I am not telling myself I can never have foods that are considered unhealthy. I am allowed to eat whatever I choose, I simply need to choose better foods.


Weekends are everyone’s busy days and I found that trying to workout on the weekends was just far too difficult for me. With this in mind, weekends are free from exercise unless I want to. In general, my weekends keep me pretty active (walking, hiking, cleaning, etc.) so they are not “lazy days” just a free for all! I only focus on the fun stuff and what I want to do.

Mondays: arms and back – squats optional
Tuesdays: dance or rest day.
Wednesdays: core and back
Thursdays: dance, yoga, or rest day
Fridays: legs and butt day

Tuesdays and Thursdays I left pretty open based on how I feel. It’s important not to over work your muscles (especially when you’re just starting out) so I want to be sure I give my body a day of rest if I need it. Also, I can choose to work on my dance or yoga during those days to give myself some cardio and extra calorie burning.

Because I am very very limited with money, I did not want to buy anything for this as of right now. So I am working with what I already have. Currently, I only have a jump rope, a large balance ball, and 5lb dumbbells. So, my exercise plan is based around using my dumbbells and my ball. (I live on the top floor so the jump rope isn’t practical.)

Here is a look at what I will be doing each day. Some of these exercises may change.

While Standing: 10 bicep curls, 10 bent over lateral raises, 10 front dumbbell raises, 10 arm circles, 10 bent over rows, 10 upright rows, 10 shoulder flys, 10 weighted arm raises.

On Ball: 10 dips, 10 chest presses, 10 dumbbell flys, 10dumbbell pull overs, 10 seated military presses, 10 triceps kick backs.

On Floor: 10 push ups, 10 single leg dips, 10 shoulder push ups, 30 sec. plank, 5 planks knee to elbow.

While Standing: 10 standing crunches, 10 dumbbell oblique crunches

On Ball: 10 sit ups (ball under back), 10 crunches (ball under legs), 10 reverse crunches, 10 leg extensions, 10 ab extensions.

On Floor: 10 leaning camel (hold for 5 sec.), 10 sec. wall hold, 10 side planks (each side), 10 mountain climbers, 10 bridges (hold for 5 sec.), 10 single leg bridges, 10 one side hip raises, 10 sec. superman (each side), 10 Russian twists, 10 sec. V-sit, 10 bicycle crunches (each side), 10 oblique crunches, 10 toe touches, 10 laying oblique reaches, 10 hip ups, 10 flutter kicks (each side), 10 leg circles, 30 sec. plank.

15 squats, 10 lunges (each side), 10 sumo squats, 10 lunge kick backs, 10 pistol squats, 10 one leg squats, 10 side lunges, 25 calf raises, 20 sec. wall pliè, 20 sec. wall sit, 10 lunges (rear leg elevated), 20 donkey kicks, 10 frog bridges, 10 inner thigh lifts (each side), 10 single leg bridges, 10 bridges with leg lifts (each side), 10 diamond kicks, 15 squats, 10 lunges (rear leg elevated).


To help me keep track of my goals I have downloaded the LoseIt app on my phone. This app is more of a calorie counter but it’s nice to see the progress of your weight loss as well as keep a “diary” of what you have been eating.

Feel free to add me on the LoseIt app so you can see me struggle to burn off this extra weight!

Please note, that all of the plans listed in this post are more of a guideline for me to follow. I plan on increasing the difficulties and number of reps. for each exercise as times goes on.



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